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Random Quote #278 from the 2GNT Chat

21/12/2009 15:24:50 ‹420agreenvilleSC› HA. no, i grabbed my phone right after i pulled the dick out
21/12/2009 15:24:56 ‹420agreenvilleSC› lost the grip, it fell
21/12/2009 15:25:00 ‹420agreenvilleSC› but before i started pissing
21/12/2009 15:25:07 ‹420agreenvilleSC› so i grab it real quick
21/12/2009 15:25:13 ‹420agreenvilleSC› all this while my dick is hanging out
21/12/2009 15:25:14 ‹420agreenvilleSC› LMAOOO

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