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2GNT Initial Announcement

Here is the announcement of the first web site dedicated to the 2GNT:

Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 09:46:27 -0700
From: Juan Laguna
Subject: <2G NT> Hey all you NT guys....
Message-ID: <#57>


(All this recent talk of NT pages is making me send this
message a little earlier than I'd anticipated.)

I have created a directory for 2G NT products on the web.
Basically, products are grouped in general categories, then
each product is identified with price and source information.

The site is still being developed, and I hope to add more
information over the next while. By no means are all the
available products on the market listed, but I hope to get
it as comprehensive as I can.

The page is fairly simple, and should be quick loading for those
of you with 28.8 modems and the like. The URL for the site is:


Check it out, and if you have any comments or suggestions,
please let me know. (Thanks to the guys in the SoCal group
for 'beta testing').

I had some ideas for other sections (FAQs, NT-specific web
pages, etc), and may include NT-specific product reviews if its
not too much work (the link for product reviews currently
takes you to Jeff Habicht's turbo Product Eval page). If other
people are going to be developing these resources, let me know
so maybe we can work together on it.

Anyways, enjoy.

96 Black GS

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