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Please contribute to the Save The Whale Foundation

Shamu is an infamous car here on 2gnt. She's been passed around more than Tim's mom. Currently I am the (not so) proud owner of her. I received her after being gutted and abused by the now dead ERT. She came to me with no motor, no interior, no driver's side windows. The wiring on the harness was bad, as well as the interior wiring needed a lot of work. As of today 5/15/09, I have fixed a lot of the butchered wiring and cut out the shit that didn't need to be in there. I have a built 420a ready to go in, and the interior is well on its way to being reassembled. Below are pics of the progress I've made.
However... I need your help to make this dream of taking a piece of shit and turning it to gold. Well, at least making it run. Please consider contributing to the Save The Whale Foundation. We are always accepting donations of wrench time, money, and spare parts.

Progress Pictures

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