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test <- relocated link to clean up index

add stuff woot.

Good place to list bugs? "teh fo0barz," imo

1. Font is really fucking small. Could be my display settings, but meh.

2. Times Roman is a gay font. I think Arial is much cleaner. What do you think?

3. Multiple links to same page...

1) it was set to 10pt. I upped it to 12.
WORD. It *is* a bit easier to read.

2) It doesn't specify a font, only sans-serif. I changed it to arial, no idea if it'll do anything.
Apparently not. Still TNR for me. :(

3) figure out how to use the software. :)
Onward and upward!

4) Suppose you create a new page with a link, then decide to scrub that page altogether. You can delete the link easy enough, but the page is still out there. I'm sure it's possible to dump the page, but only in the DB at the moment? We discussed this, but actually ran into the problem moments ago.
D- Now, you could roll back revisions until its gone entirely, then edit the parent and remove the link. Yeah, it's possible. Otherwise, orphan it, it doesn't matter. Text is timy and compresses very well, it;s nothing to MySQL.
B- Sweet. Rolling back might remove the footer nav (back|home) as well. See dino_loves_teh_sack.

5) Can I code a link to another website (see the map) which will open the new page in a new browser, versus a standard redirect?

D- i might code a < pops>this set that does an [a target=_blank href somelink tomorrow. I've done enough toight. Dan == man holster.<- FTW!!!

B- this would make things easier for the masses to implement. sometimes I think you and I are the only ones who actually code link in our posts, versus just pasting a 473 character eBay link or some shit.

D - [pops] is done. [url] is fixed. [ link:some url|something ] is also done.
I am also working on an HTML reference, and a "how to use this wiki" page.
Code tag works... mostly.

B - Copied index-designing content to main index page. Dumped old one. Wiki loads beautifully, I must say.

And fuck a bunch of orphans. LOL. They'll all be gone once we wipe things, anyways.


*I will be whipping up a couple images for the header project over the weekend. Naming convention will be as discussed for the array.
B - in progress - start with 11 for testing, using the ones I've uploaded, then I'll get you 19 more by the end of the weekend.

*Another idea: Listing of members logged into the wiki in the menu bar at left? Just a thought. Doesn't really matter.

*What's up with the period/dot/whatever directly above the first character of an article?
B - DONE (thank you)

*Remind me, again, how to post quotation marks and apostrophes?

*How would I go about showing actual HTML tags (code) for a guide to the use thereof in future articles?
B - This is done as well.


*Document previous updates.

Dino here. I fixed locking, too. Previously it wasn't working correctly - you could sorta bypass it. Now you can't. Bonus.

Sweet. FYI: When I hit the site, just now, from Vanessa's computer, prior to logging in, themain index page showed "No content." Is there a dummy page that displays for non-members or when you're not logged in?

Should/Could we make one?
Perhaps something to say, "Welcome to Team 2GNT. If you would like to view this wiki, please register?" :shrug

Otherwise, revision history looks excellent and glad to hear locking is now more securer. You continue to be the man.

Well, that should technically never happen and it may have been me fuckign something up. Should we have a default page for non-members? No.. I don't think so. I thinnk it would be a better enticement to register and use the site if it is open and viewable even if you're scared to register. -D

Must have just been a temporary glitch at that moment. You're right about enticing other members. What hit me a few minutes ago is that, if we get some of the 4G63 guys in here, we could very well replace the fucking VFAQ. Other DSM sites be damned, when push came to shove, Team 2GNT stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the park.

The more I work on this, the more excited I get. We're really making something good, here, Dino.

PS - The states are pretty much done.

Well, the revision thing is badass. I changed it up, you can select to view on the page you clicked for, or check ALL PAGES, and see everything that's been changed on the whole site. Last 10, 25, 50, 100 .. probably going to add a 250 and 500 too, just for shits. Click ALL - WHOLE SITE churns for minute upon minute. it's nuts.

Dude! That's fucking rad. I wondered how you knew I was tweaking the state pages. LOL. I just checked that out and, sure enough, there I was. Fuckin' a.

I think the next step would be to get all the content from the mods, tech and more pages passed over to this thing. Once all the homepage stuff is transfered, we could move this all to its place, right?

Oh shit. Here's an idea.
What if we took the site down for the Shootout weekend, and brought it back up with the wiki for the homepage?
I know you're running out of time to get BigEvil road ready, packed and on the road, but could we, realistically, make this happen? It would be great timing, imo.

Probably. You and assbox had better start migrating content... or find someone to help you do it that understands basic HTML and has the time :) That
be cool, wouldn't it?

Oh, and shits and giigles, dude... We have a working color tag now.

...and I just figured out you can do a wikilink with an image if you do [code] ">

Edit to see how.

Tight. Broken gif, but I see what you're saying. As I mentioned last night, I will be trying to import content from the home page throughout the day today.

About taking it down for the shootout, what if we just debut wiki right before we left instead of leaving it down for the whole weekend? At least they'd have
to keep them occupied...
*shrug If something got messed up, I'll have my laptop with me and Dino can fuck around with while he's all shitfaced. hehe

I guess we're leaving everything up for the weekend, now. No worries. I'm cool. I need to get in and start moving content. Monday is being a bitch and I have to leave in a bit to meet with a potential customer about doing up some graphic design stuff for his business. - B

[b]Power_Stages[/b] are up and hotlinked. Plenty of new pages for members to add content to this weekend, should they actually feel like doing so. Also have Chris's turbosystem articles up under 2GNT_Turbosystems. Left room on turbo page for other articles. I'll probably add in a page for listing of turbos individually later today. One of those days at the office, imo. -

Started on the brake section. GSX conversion is up, but not finished. Question...theres a lot of options for our brakes GSX, droppin a grand or 2 for some wild system etc...do we need to setup another link for a brakes section?...as in a page for the GSX upgrade, page for rotors/lines/pads etc... and so forth. *edit* nevermind figured it out.

So does anyone check here? Just wondering. Went to town today on the Fuel system page. I think I got just about all of it covered.

I check here every now and again, or when I know someone else is active on the Wiki. I wrote a search function Friday evening - how cool is that shit? -D

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