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None of this information is deemed to be reliable.

It is, at best, pure conjecture. At worst, totally false.

? Something to do with drugs, microorganisms, X-rays.
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The beginning of the forum.
To only meet law enforcement personnel that respect the 4th amendment.
Automotive experience strengths:
Electronics, rapid-repairs, appreciation of aesthetics.
Some say:
He thinks Dino is merely a concoction of the internet, and Terry couldn't possibly be a guy's name. All we know is, he's called

What exactly IS a 2g?
The 420a powered 2g - it was simply ahead of its time. The specs speak for themselves: a super-slick coefficient of drag of 0.28, independent multi-link suspension, a sophisticated high-flowing head designed by Lotus, and an efficient 2 liter block developed via CAD with a Viper-like bedplate main lower end, all wrapped in a sexy silhouette that could grab your eyes in traffic like Claudia Lynx would in a room full of Oprah audience members. These are attributes you'd expect to find in an exotic, yet it was actually an affordable subcompact built with the advantage of economies of scale. And capable of 36 MPG freeway. Best of all, it was something that a typical attention-seeking yupette would dismiss. Nothing deconstructs the veneer of exclusivity like annihilating a high priced Euro-car in an econobox.

What makes the 2g so special is in the
Wrench time and a modest budget can transform it from OEM normalcy into something outrageously fast and fun. It's really up to the abilities of the owner - and his/her resources - and that's where 2gnt.com comes in. The recipes you'll find on this site involve boost, big brakes, suspension enhancements, sticky tires, weight reduction, and most importantly owners intent on becoming better drivers and mechanics. Standard stuff. Well, maybe not so much anymore. Noteworthy pioneers include:
Bill Hahn - 10 second daily driven RS
Mark Bullett - 11 second turbo 420a
DSMZero - 661 whp 420a

What follows below is an unbelievably reliable mix of steel, iron, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium, stained with a few drops here and there of A positive blood.

Vehicle Stats

1999 Eclipse RS

Engine/Trans Modifications:
? Unknown, there may not even be an engine. Rumor has is it that 2 sequential "pshhht" sounds are heard when it drives by, and one purported encounter described seeing mysterious black markings left behind in the pavement -
of them.

Exterior Modifications
873 superflux LEDs in stock tail housings. HID projector conversion. Bomex mirrors. Shaved handles with SPAL poppers.

OZ Superleggeras. Dropped on eibach prokits. TCE brakes: Wilwood 13" discs with 6 piston front calipers and 4 piston rears. Everything in black/gunmetal, and decisively not flashy. Legend has it, the only time he cried was after seeing lipstick-red calipers on an otherwise black car. His tears were black.


Interior Modifications
Carbon fiber headliner, doors, and console. Custom hand-made gauge pod cluster. Custom sparcos + 4 point restraints.

99's don't have CELs. We have SESs (Service Engine Soon)-

Did we forget to mention it's black.

A bit of history:

The infamous 2gnt Cerritos meet (30+ 2gnt's, the last great socal 2gnt meet)

the RS next to the NER car-

shoguns (they will be missed)-

a secretary-

The good 'ol days-

You should all be thankful for this guy-

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