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Exterior Mods

Articles about lighting on the exterior surfaces of the car - headlights, underbody neons, those stupid windshield squriter lights if you're a ricer, etc..

Team 2GNT is more performance-oriented than appearance-oriented, but we hope those who know how to properly prep and install aftermarket body components share their knowledge with others with interest to us all looking better. Articles on conversions can also be found here (ie; Talon to Eclipse).

A cheap Do It Yourself exterior mod, that also helps protect the bottom of your bumper from road rash.

by bullettdsm Basically race applications, but just a way to lighten up the top of your car

How to add factory 2GB fog lights to your non fog car.

How to convert your eclipse to a talon by Slo2g

Step by step how to remove the entire rear bumper of the 95-96 Eclipse or 95-98 Talon. 97-99 Eclipse should be very similar.


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