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Here is the finished product.Sorry I have no before pictures or In the process pictures.


Alright I seen this in the forum somewhere and thought i should do a write essay up on it as I done it a while back.Basically you are taking the stock auto shifter,PRND21 plate out, and the built in Overdrive switch.Then you replace it with a 5speed shift knob,boot,and a new switch.I didnt take any pictures while I was doing it but its pretty straight forward.Here is what you will need.

Shift boot(I prefer the stock one)
Shift ring(holds shift boot to console)
Any 5speed knob
3 Prong switch
3 female spade connectors

Phillips screwdriver
10mm socket
Utility knife(or something to cut auto knob)
Die grinder(to cut retainer off the shift rod)
Stripping/crimping pliers
thats all i remember.

So first off you are going to have to take your console out,I'd say everyone is familiar with this if not you have 2 screws in the back.You will have to slide your seats forward to access them.Once you get those 2 out pop the ashtray/cupholder out,just give it a tug.Underneath you will notice 2 more screws take those out.Pop your Radio/HVAC bezel out and remove those two screws(the tabs the screws screw into broke on mine so I skipped those screws.)Pull up on the console a bit and remove the ashtray bulb socket,it twists out.Next move up to the cigarette lighter and unhook the two electrical connectors and unscrew this bulb socket also.The console is ready to pull out.Set it aside for later.

Now you can take the screws out of the shift knob if you havent already.It won't come off because of the OD switch.I had to cut the bottom of the stock knob to get the wires out and push the OD switch out of the knob.Now the knob should come off and its pretty much trash by now.You may be able to get the OD switch out without cutting but I doubt it.Now you can take off the Shifter plate(The plate that has the PRND21 on it.I cant remember what size nuts it had on it but I believe there were 4 10mm nuts.The plate is in 2 pieces if memory serves me correctly(Wish I woulda took pics!).Take it off you wont need it anymore.Now your left with the bare bones.

What I done next was cut the OD switch off and pulled the wires out of the black retainer thats welded to the shifter since it won't be mounted on the shifter anymore.I also cut the spot weld holding that retainer on because I was afraid it would interfere with the console.You may choose not to do so.Now its time to begin reassembly.Figure out a place to mount your new OD switch, I took my cigarette lighter out since I dont smoke nor use it for anything.You could make a switch panel below the radio for a cleaner install.I'll probabally do this later and locate all my switches to it.This is left up to you.Next you can get the shift boot/ring and put it on,you should have 4 phillips screws from disassembling the PRND21 plate that will work.Install it,Depends on if you got the stock shift boot/ring also as how this step goes.Mount your switch and hook the wires up to make sure the wires are on correctly and the switch works.My polarity was reversed and when I was in O/D it said O/D off on the gauge cluster.By now I suppose you have the console back in hooking up your switch.

I'm guessing the console is back in and repeat the same procedure for removing it but backwards.Now for the shift knob I just set the knob on top of the rod and didnt tighten the screws down(I press down on the entire knob to change gears)You could source a knob with a button on the top but it wont look as good IMO.Knob choice is left up to you as well.This is pretty straightforward I just wanted to give a lengthy description(sorry about pics)Since there was almost no information in the forum.If you do this mod feel free to take pics and add them in here.

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