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Zeitronix the company.

Placing online orders is quick and easy and shipping is fast too. Shipping seems to be a flat rate, so you may want to save yourself a few bucks and get everything you want at once. Everything you need comes in the box including instructions.

Zeitronix Wideband

The product itself is amazing, the features available for use are great and the fact that you don't need to buy all the bells and whistles to have just a basic wideband makes it a cheap alternative. The odds are however even if you start out with just the basics for $279, you are going to want to add other features later on. I have recently purchased the boost sensor and LCD display through one of Zeitronix's authorized dealers and am now even happier with the setup. It is getting used on a daily basis as a boost gauge in my Evo and the brain, display and boost sensor can all be removed in about 10 minutes to move over to my Eclipse when I want to tune/log.

Detailed installation instructions for the 2gnt can be found here: Zeitronix_Wideband_Install


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