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VSS | Vehicle Speed Sensor

Vehicles with manual transaxle (MTX) use a vehicle speed sensor. The sensor is located in the transaxle extension housing. The power-train control module (PCM) determines vehicle speed from the sensor input. The vehicle speed sensor generates 8 pulses per sensor revolution. These signals are interpreted along with a closed throttle signal from the throttle position sensor (TPS) by the PCM. The inputs are used to determine if a closed throttle deceleration or a normal idle (vehicle stopped) condition exists. Under deceleration conditions, the PCM adjusts the idle air control motor (IAC) to maintain a desired MAP value. Under idle conditions, the PCM adjusts the idle air control motor maintain a desired engine speed. On vehicles with automatic transaxles, the PCM receives the vehicle speed input from the transaxle control module (TCM). The TCM calculates vehicle speed from its output speed sensor and turbine speed sensor.


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