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This upgrade is for those looking for a larger more agressive brake package then the GSX, yet cheaper then any aftermarket fixed 4 pot set up.

What you need: 4 piston fixed calipers from the Mitsubishi 3000gt VR4, your choice of pads, your choice of rotors, note the vr4 4 piston set up uses the
EXACT same part number as the GSX rotor. Most reman calipers come with new hardware, however if you obtain junk yard calipers and rebuild them I suggest
using new hardware (shims)

Stock GS rotors are 10.08" diameter, and the VR4 uses a 10.86" diameter rotors, thickness remains the same.

The most important thing to keep in mind when doing this swap is to obtain a caliper mounting bracket, their are no off the shelf brackets to make this
swap direct bolt on, however if you aquire gen 8 JDM galant knuckles then no custom bracket will be needed.

VR4 Rebuild Kit: UP 2114: Napa United Part Number; Kit comes with, 4 rubber O-rings, 4 Seals, and 4 Boots, 2 kits will be required to rebuild Both calipers

VR4 Hardware Kit: UP 83184A: Napa United Part Number; Kit comes with; 2 pad shims and 2 springs; This part number services both sides

VR4 Caliper Pistons: Upper and Lower: UP 85403S, UP 85404S; Napa United Part Numbers; each part number only suffices 1 piston, you will need 4 of each
number to rebuild/replace the 8 pistons total between the 2 calipers.

VR4 Brake HOSES: Inner and Outer: UP 38275, UP 36824; 2 of each part number is required to hook these calipers up to your factory steel hard lines.

Another option for you is, to contact RRE akas road Race Engineering, or you can contact summit or jegs (for steel braided brake hoses), and specify the year make and model of the calipers you choose to use, that way you aquire all 4 hoses you need for a direct fitment. Keep in mind the VR4 uses screw in style where as your stock GS uses a banjo style, so changing your lines is a must. Also the VR4 uses 2 peice hose PER side, where as the GS uses 1 single hose side.

NOTE: Optional upgrades I would consider when upgrading to these calipers is, the GSX 1" bore master cylinder, it is a direct bolt in to all boosters,
just specify weather or not you have abs or not, I have provided both part numbers.

master with abs AWD/FWD: 1" : UP 390282
master w/o abs AWD: 1" : UP 390283
master w/o abs FWD: 15/16": UP 390302

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