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I purchased the 3" version. It seems to be a great bang for the buck. The fitment was perfect, even if trying to get the rear section over the suspension was a PITA. It looked like it would never fit, but just keep moving it around trying different ways. Once you get that right spot it will surprisingly go pretty easily. The exhaust sits very close to the spare tire well, so if you don't pound on that a little with a hammer, you're going to hear some rattling once in a while. I still haven't bothered to fix this though because it just doesn't bother me enough to take the time to do it.

One thing I had to get used to was it is quite loud when cruising at highway speeds. It does come with a silencer which should help that out, but in my opinion, you might as well leave the stock exhaust on if your gonna force the air through that tiny hole. Not a ricey sound at all, it has a nice deep rumble too it. I imagine mine is also a bit louder because I have no cat. Also does not come with bolts to bolt it to stock mounting points. All of my stock bolts rusted out and snapped so I had to take the rear section of the exhaust to the parts store to find the right size. (didn't want to waste half an hour to find out I got the wrong bolts)


I got the N1 (2.5") about a month ago now, picked it up off Ebay for $200 shipped - and I must say that I completely love it.

I really expected it to be much louder than it is, it's very, very quiet. In fact, I'd gamble that some people may be disappointed at how quiet it actually is. It's a very low rumble that has no rasp what so ever, no drone. Just deep low vrooooooom.
To give you a better idea. Think stock, the stock catback is quiet but you can hear it and it's got a pretty nice tone to it, or at least mine did. To me it sounds very close to the stock tone, just louder and deeper, and I think that's a good thing.
If you want people to look at you when you drive by, this may not be the catback for you.
It's got a resonator piece that looked to be 24", though it could have just been 18". Now, don't get me wrong, it's very noticeable, I know people hear it. It's just not obnoxious.
I also still have the stock cat and other pieces from the cat forward, so if you have anything else it's going to be louder.

I wouldn't say I felt a large power gain as much as I found it helped smooth things out Through the whole power band. The engine seems to run a little better, with a little more pep, I'm sure more power will be realized with more mods.

It also looks pretty damn good too, I must say

I got mine from japanimportshop on Ebay. He had an OBO and took $200 shipped.

Hah. Also, an added warning. If you've never had an after market exhaust be ready for a little extra vibration of parts in the car that can be... Somewhat annoying. There's a couple interior parts in the back of the car that vibrate a little in mine. I found the main one that was reallllly annoying, and it was the very back-center panel where the latch is for the hatch. The bottom of it is for some reason not attached very well and was really loose. So I wedged some cardboard (sometimes you've just got to ghetto rig it) between that and the floor and it's stopped. But there's something else I've yet to locate.
Good luck.


Got mine from japanimportshop from ebay too for my 95' Talon, fits great, sounds really good even with the silencer in.



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