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Team 2GNT takes pride in two things:
  • Providing a source of quality technical information free from BS, and
  • Providing a sense of community, where like-minded enthusiasts can keep in touch online.

  • The Old or Original Pits

  • Oldest post still in existence: "What's your workout plan?" By nd4spd02 On November 3rd, 2002.
  • Last new post before the Pits were closed: Hello-new member. By L2RTSiAWD On September 30th, 2003.

  • Why were the Old Pits closed?

    Due to recent events and conflicts caused by the membership and moderating staff's lax enforcement of the rules, the pits is being closed, and reopened with new rules and enforcement. The smaller membership of olden days was very well behaved and we had a mutual understanding on what was good for the forum. Very little moderating was required on our part. Recent events have proven that some people wish to run full force, unchecked and do whatever they want. This will not be tolerated. The reputation 2GNT has built up over the years will not be sacraficed due to a few bad seeds who want nothing more than to stir up trouble. We're not doing this because of any one person, but because of a few people who have seen fit to screw this up for the rest of you.

    Some of the New rules:
    1. No personal attacks. Show some respect. Flame wars will be deleted or locked.
    2. Act like a mature adult human being.
    3. Try to type in English, worthless mixing letter and numbers does not make you look cool, just stupid and uneducated.
    4. Do not piss of Murix.
    5. We do not need you to post a minute by minute account of your day, we don't want to know when and where you do your personal business.
    6. Porn is available on more sites of the internet than anyone could ever count. It's easy to find, you don't need to post it here.
    7. If you don't have two functioning brain cells to comprehend and follow these rules, don't enter the forum.
    8. These rules are a basic guideline, use common sense on what is appropriate and what isn't. If you don't have any common sense, borrow someone else's.
    9. Do not piss off Dino
    10. Do not ever break rules 4 & 9

    ...and in the meantime while we clean this section our, it will be locked down. It is not permanent. While you are waiting, please feel free to off-topic to your heart's content over at KaptainMyke's forums. He was nice enough to setup a "Pits away from The Pits."
    I'm the guy that bans you for breaking the rules. I am the troll killer. I am the law here. - admin2

    The Second Coming of The Pits

  • Oldest thread still in existence: Farewell to the Eclipse! By Jeffgsu On October 6th, 2003.
  • Last thread before the Pits were closed: Microsoft tries to sue college kid, but he fights back. By cougar694u On April 4th, 2005.

    Why were the Pits shut down again?

    Too many people coming to the site only to goof off in the pits. The technical aspect of the forum was suffering as a result, due to rampant ignorance spilling over into technical discussions. It was done, again, to protect the integrity of the site.

    The Pits v.3.0

  • Oldest thread still in existence: $25 for Mazda6 test-drive. By EvuLFleA On January 14th, 2005.
  • The Pits v.3.0 is still open as of the date of this publication.

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