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Overall customer service was great. I talked to Tom the owner via email, on the phone, and in person. I discovered his business on Ebay just searching for random parts and was fortunate enough to find out he only lives ~10 minutes from my house. You might not always get him on the phone because it's a small shop just run by him, but being that he sells most of his work on Ebay, he is online a lot and was always quick to get back to my emails. The website also has an AIM link for live web support, but I never used it.


I was very happy with the quality of the work he did for me. My valve cover came out perfect and now a few months later it looks as good as new, no chipping no peeling no bubbling


Total I paid $65. $45 + $20 for the high gloss clear coat. Fortunately since I live so close I didn't have to pay shipping both ways or pay for a core charge, I just dropped my valve cover off and had it back in a few days


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