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Symtech Exhaust Manifold Fitment

I've take pictures of measurements of fitment for the Symtech "Race" Exhaust Manifold. I couldn't find very much information on it when I was purchasing one, so hopefully this can help some of you guys that aren't sure about buying one.

All the pictures were taking without a turbo, or radiator installed.

The first picture here is a measurement of a few inches below the turbine flange, to the lower water pipe. I took a measurement like this because compressor fitment is an issue here. The turbo I was installing was slightly larger than a 3076R. However, I was unable to install it without modifying this water pipe. Even if you have a smaller turbo you're going to have trouble constructing an intake without modifying this water pipe.

Here is a measurement of directly under the turbine flange, to the same water pipe.

Here is clearance for the wastegate. A Tial wastegate is 4.80", giving it plenty of clearance. Some other wastegates are taller, so be careful of that.

Lastly is from the turbine flange to the front, or the AC condenser. I never could measure from the turbo to the condenser due to the fact that I couldn't mount it, because of the water pipe. However, I know for a fact that with the radiator installed, and the stock puller setup my turbo wouldn't have fit. I would have had to setup a pusher type fan setup. Even with a smaller turbo, such as the Star turbo, I'm still almost positive that it would require a pusher fan setup.

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