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Symtech "Race" exhaust manifold specifications

Below are some measurements I took of the Symtech turbo exhaust manifold. Hopefully it can help people in deciding whether to buy one, or not. I never found a clear answer on fitment, so here it is.
All the pics are without a turbo installed, and with the radiator un-installed.

Here is a measurement a few inches below the turbine flange, about where the compressor inlet would be. With the turbo installed chances are you're going to have to modify this water pipe. My turbo was slightly larger than a 3076R, but even with a smaller turbo the water pipe would have to be modified to have an intake into the compressor.

I also took another measurement right below the turbine flange to the water pipe.

The next thing is the wastegate. Again, remember that my radiator was removed for all these measurements. If you look to the left you can see my upper radiator hose, giving you a basic idea of about where the radiator would be. A Tial 38mm wastegate is less than 5", 4.80" to be exact. So, you can see that with a Tial fitment wouldn't be an issue.

Here you can see that there's about 7" of clearance all the way to the front. Again, without the radiator. As I stated before, when I tried to mount it with the turbo the water pipe was in the way of my compressor inlet. So, I wasn't able to get a measurement of the compressor to the AC condenser. However, in my opinion with the radiator installed and the fans in the stock position, there is no way the common Star turbo would fit. I imagine you would have to setup a pusher fan setup.

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