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Stock Dual Fan Modification

A quick background...the 2gnt's stock fan system has a fan designated for the radiator, and one for the air condition condenser. When the engine begins to reach an overheating temperature, the ECU engages the engine fan (drivers side) to cool the radiator. When the AC is engaged the ECU will engage the condenser fan (pass. side) for additional cooling.

This modification will allow you to run both fans simultaneously without creating additional load by running the air conditioner to engage the condenser fan.

What you'll need

Wire stripping pliers
16ga wire or similar

Cut two 3 inch strips of wire and strip the ends.

Locate the fuse box in the engine bay and remove the cover. Find the relays that are labelled RAD FAN HI and COND FAN HI. Remove the relays from each of their receptacles. You will be doing the same process with the RAD FAN LO and COND FAN LO. Follow the same steps for each set of relays.

Looking at the relay socket you will see there are 4 slots that look like this.

You will want to insert each end of the wire into where the MIDDLE PRONG goes and then put both relays back in their places. You may have to press firmly to get the relays back in place due to the wire you inserted taking up some of the space. They will fit, just find the way that works for you.

Here is an additional diagram. This shows the wire we are inserting into the MIDDLE PRONG slot. Ignore the 'second from left' and 'fifth from left' in the 2nd diagram. Those are specifics for a GST or GSX.

Alternatively, you can wire a switch as shown in the second diagram, but it is not necessary, unless you want to play with a switch.

Go back over your work and ensure you installed the wires correctly. Enjoy.

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