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[color=red][b][i]In Progress [/b][/i][/color]

[b]-[b] 2.4 Swap
[b]-[b] LED Panel Interior
[b]-[b] Talon front end conversion
[b]-[b] Molded body
[b]-[b] Slammed with rolled fenders

Current Modifications

Engine Modifications

[b]-[b] AEM Cold Air Intake
[b]-[b] Aerospeed 4-1 Headers
[b]-[b] Aerospeed Exhaust

[u][b] Body Modifications [b][/u]
[b]-[b] Coming soon!

[u][b] Suspension [b][/u]
[b]-[b] Megan Racing Springs

[u][b] Interior [b][/u]
[b]-[b] Custom painted Interior

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