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Installing Sidemarker Lights


- The front part of the sidemarker has a metal clip that acts like a spring to hold it tight against the bumper.
- The rear part of the sidemarker has a molded plastic tab that inserts underneath the bumper.
- Your kit should include yellow replacement bulbs. Although white light may look better, it will probably attract unwanted attention from Police. It is advised to use the yellow bulbs.

Removal of Stock Sidemarker

1) Get a flathead screwdriver and cover the tip with a cloth or rag. This is just to protect the plastics from being scratched.
2) Insert the screwdriver tip in the gap between the back of the stock sidemarker and the bumper. About 1/8" to 1/4" in should do.
3) Push the sidemarker to the front of the car to compress the metal clip, then pull the back of the lens out toward you. The unit should pop out, but it will still be attached by a wire. Not much force is required, so be gentle.
(If you attempt to remove the sidemarker by prying it out from the front end, you will run the risk of cracking the plastic mount that holds the metal clip against the back side of the sidemarker. If this breaks, you won't be able to re-install it).
4) Twist the bulb assembly and pull it out of the lens component.
5) Gently pry the clear bulb out of it's socket.

Installing the Clear sidemarker:

1) Insert the provided yellow bulb in the socket.
2) Turn on the lights to check that the bulb illuminates.
3) Twist the bulb assembly into the clear sidemarker lens.
4) Put the clear lens assembly into the bumper by inserting the back end in first, ensuring the tab goes behind the bumper surface. Snap the front end into the bumper. The unit should now be installed.


Several people have reported that their clear and even stock sidemarkers get stolen. Jeff Okayasu drilled a hole through the sidemarker and behind, and then inserted a bolt with a lock nut to secure them.


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