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ok, this is the FMIC installation, very simple, but pictures are always a good thing to have. First off, remove your front fascia,bumper, and anything else that would get in your way.

Here is the sans all front bumper-esque materials:

Mount STAR FMIC through the bolt hole, using washers to get the bolt snug and the FMIC flat. Even though a crooked FMIC doesn't really effect much, it's less "pretty":

Place silicone coupler and 2 hose clamps on the inlet side of the FMIC and secure the FMIC side clamp. Insert the proper end of the pipe into the coupler and secure other hose clamp:

Insert hook pipe into the 90 degree elbow at the bottom of the turbo, using hose clamps to secure:

Insert other end of hook pipe into the front FMIC pipe you installed previously, again using silicone coupler and hose clamps to secure:

Install FMIC to lower intake charge pipe, along with coupler and hose clamps:

Attach the upper intake charge pipe to the lower intake charge pipe using silicone coupler and hose clamps:

Lastly, attach upper intake charge pipe to throttle body. I couldn't do this step or take a picture, because my upper intake manifold was at the powder coaters. Just imagine there is an intake manifold there and the pipe mates up to it with a silicone coupler:

Article by Malenko

Document statistics: Last modified on 2007-03-10 05:37:06 by Malenko

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