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What you will need for the fuel feed setup...

M12 1.25 Bolt (which is the same thread pattern as the factory FPR)
Cutting disk (air tools) or a hack saw could be used
O-ring from the factory FPR


1) Relieve fuel pressure (I simply took of the gas cap). There will still be some spillage so have some rags handy for when the little amount of fuel spills out of the fuel filter assembly.

2) Disconnect and remove the return hose from the FPR to the fuel pump assembly, you will NOT be re-using this.

3) Using a 3/4 in. wrench, unbolt the banjo bolt on the FPR regulator side of the fuel filter assembly. This is where the spillage will occur, be ready with rags.

4) Disconnect whatever fuel lines you will need to in order to be able to twist the FPR out of the socket on the fuel filter assembly. I disconnected all of the fuel hose that runs underneath the car. Doing this gives some play for FPR to be able to be twisted in full rotations. Basically you do this because of the location of the FPR it does not have room to spin freely.

5) Unbolt the FPR out of its socket and remove, do not discard.

6) Get your M12 1.25 bolt and take notice of how long the threads are on the FPR. You want to use the cutting disk or hacksaw to basically cut the bolt down to approximately this thread length or maybe even a little less. You do this because if you leave the bolt its original length it will either not fit or it will block the fuel flow which is obviously not good.

7) After you have cut the bolt down to size, remove the O-ring from the stock FPR VERY CAREFULLY because if you put to much tension on it it will break in half. Then place this O-ring on the new "plug" bolt which you have just cut.

8) Bolt the new "plug" bolt into the old socket where the FPR once was so that the O-ring seals properly.

That's it! What you have now is a fuel feed setup that utilizes the stock fuel filter and stock feed lines from the fuel pump. Saves money and time! Any questions feel free to ask me! clipse_2005 is the name on here, don't be shy!


Cars Modification Power Turbo Fuel_System SFMU fuel feed line install using stock fuelfilter (96+)

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