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AFC Install on a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS

by Wyatt

This will hopefully make it easier for the 97+ 420a DSM to install the Apex-I Super AFC in their Eclipse/Talon/Avenger. The wiring may be different for 96 and older models, This is the wiring that I did on my 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse. So if something blows up don't come after me :P

First, find where you want to mount the AFC, I made a custom holder for it under my stereo out of a 2x4. Very easy to make, you just need some plastic to make the face plate. and some gorilla snot glue to hold the plastic in place. Its not fancy but it looks great. (sorry about the picture)

The wiring isn't all that bad. The hardest part I think you will find is getting the wiring through the firewall. I've got 3 good sized holes now filled with wires going to my engine bay. If you have the tools drill it yourself or pay a shop $20 and have them do it. I would just make sure they put a grommet in it or you will for sure short the wires.

Here is a diagram of how the wiring goes for the AFC

fig 1.1

Again, this was done on my 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS, I believe the 97 and 99 models are the same but don't take my word for it. You will want to verify the right wires just in case of a difference.

When Referring to "upper" and "lower" connections, this is what it means.

ECU Wire
DescColorDesc Color
Power WireRedPin 20 - Oversized Wire UPPERBlack/white stripe
Tach/RPMGreenPin 73 - LOWERWhite
TPSGrayPin 35 - UPPERBrown/red stripe
Ground (close to ECU)
See Fig 1.1
BrownPin 10 - UPPERBlack
Ground (furthest from ECU) See Fig 1.1BlackPin 10 - UPPERBlack
MAP sensor (IN)
See Fig 1.1
WhitePin 36 - UPPERYellow/Black stripe
MAP Sensor (OUT)

See Fig 1.1.
YellowPin 36 - UPPERYellow/Black stripe

*Note: the actual pin numbers may not be correct, if possible go by the actual wire colors

Tie off all other wires, they are for the Skyline and other cars

Turn the car on, but do not start it. This is where you setup the AFC for your car.

I have found using pressure type 7in 7out gives me the most accurate pressure readings. Others use 6in 6out. What number you use shouldn't really matter as long as it doesn't idle funny and you are using a Pressure type setting.

The Throttle position should point up, and of course, set the number of cylinders to 4.

Other than that, you should be set to go. Road Race Engineering (RRE) has some helpful tips on tuning with the S-AFC, the biggest thing is make SMALL adjustments, use an EGT and a precision Air/fuel gauge. The Modified Air/fuel gauge made by Mike @ www.gadgetseller.com or a jumptronix air/fuel meter.


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