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SAFC Installation

1. Disconnect the battery's positive terminal.
2. Run the wiring harness through the firewall.
# The wiring harness is long enough so that the connectors can be inside the car.
# The diameter of the entire wire group including the shielding is slightly less than 1/2", so use a 1/2" drill bit for the fire wall and protecte it with a 1/2" grommet.
# Be careful where you drill so that you don't cause any unwanted damage.
# I drilled slightly above the steering wheel column.
3. Snake the wire through to the ECU which is pictured below.
# Take the wire around the right side of the battery so that it comes out at the bottom side of the ECU.

4. Disconnect the upper (A106) and lower(A107) connectors to the ECU.

5. Solder the following wires together.

NOTE: Wiring is for a 1999 Eclipse GS. It should be the same for at least '97-'99 RS and GS, but
I don't know for '95-'96 models. If you have any information about this, please email me here and let me
know so I can update my instructions. (Edit - The colors are the same, but not the pin numbers. Go by ECU wire color. - Admin)

AFC Wire

ECU Wire



20 (upper)




35 (upper)




10 (upper)

Black (ECU side)*



10 (upper)

Black (Source side)*

MAP in


36 (upper)

Yellow/Black (Engine side)

MAP out


36 (upper)

Yellow/Black (ECU side)

O2 sensor


30 (upper)




73 (lower)


* Ground wires should be 1cm apart and attached to same black ECU wire.

* Ground wires should be 1cm apart and attached to same black ECU wire.

The only wire you have to cut the the MAP sensor's Yellow/Black wire.
For those with the Service Manuals, the upper connector is A106 and the pins are numbered 1-40.
The lower connector is A107 and the pins are numbered 41-80. The diagrams with all the needed
information are found in book 3 pages 90-50 through 90-58.

6. Make sure to completely wrap any connections with electrical tape.
7. Replace the wires into the electrical looms and tape them shut.
8. Replug the ECU connectors.
9. Reconnect the battery.
10. Mount the S-AFC into the car and run the wire from it to the connector harness.
11. Plug them together.
12. Put the key in the ignition and turn the car to the on position, but DO NOT start.
13. Go to the etc menu (#3)
14. Set the sensor type to Pressure at 7 in and 7 out.
15. Set the Car Select to 4 cylinder and throttle arrow up and to the right.
16. Set the graph scale to 760mmHg, 7000 RPM, and +-30% (max)
17. Don't make any changes until you know what you're doing!

RRE has some good tips on tuning advice. Other than that watch your EGT and O2 readings.
To see the system monitoring go to monitor and choose the channels and properties you want to see.
To see the O2 sensor voltage go to etc menu and the sensor check. It is sensor #2.

Written by mkerly_


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