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Rocker/Lifter Upgrade Information

Here we will go over the differences between the two types of lifters and three types of rockers readily available to us.


At high RPMs oil foaming can happen. That just means that the oil has been aerated. Think of when you whip something, the volume increases, but it has alot of air in it. Air will not lubricate. What can happen is the rockers will become starved of oil, leading to a broken rocker.

The Mopar Performance/PT lifters are an upgrade due to the bleed hole featured in the tip. This cuts down on aeration and helps the head components stay more lubricated at higher RPMs.

PT Rockers

The PT rockers are an upgrade over our stock rockers due to the design of the tab to keep it aligned over the valve stem tip.

The stock rockers have an M type bend that can break easily when oil foaming happens. The PT rockers have two little ears that stick out to align itself, increasing the strength of the rocker.

2001+ 2.7L Rockers

The 2001+ 2.7L rockers are the best rockers available. It has the same ears that the PT rockers has, which means it is as strong as the PT rocker. But the oiling is better. If you notice in the pictures below the stock/PT rockers have a straight through oiling hole (opposite the ears). The 2.7L rockers have a hole drilled directing oil to where the rocker rocks, greatly increasing lubrication in that area.

Final Word

The best setup for our heads would be the Mopar Performance/PT lifter and 2.7L rockers. This would give the best lubrication at higher RPMs.

Part Numbers

2.7L Rocker 4792295AB
MP/PT Lifter P5007440


Power / Modifications

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