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Getting That Thing Out

I’m still hearing about problems with the passenger side mount plate removal. Thought that a little more detailed description may help.

We’ll skip over the preliminaries (you already have the upper motor mount removed and the belts and power steering bracket etc. out of the way). First jack up the front of the engine up high. Now, you may want to unbolt the front roll stop mount. It will allow it to go higher. But I leave the mount attached. As a matter of fact I use the solid motor mount;


and I still leave it attached. But feel free to disconnect it. It just gives you more play.

After you have lifted up the engine, you need to loosen and totally unbolt the three 4 inch bolts holding the plate on;


You can see I have already loosened up the top bolt. Go ahead and pull that one out. That’ll leave the bottom two;


You can see that one bolt when pulled all the way out, actually goes under some hard lines.

At this point you will find that the plate is loose and it will seem like you should be able to pull her right out. Well, not really. What you have to do now is push the bolts back in about halfway;


Do not screw them back in, just push them back so you can do some “finagling”.

Now you need to wiggle that back bolt and mount together, so that you can get the bolt over the lines. Like this;


Now that you have it above the hard lines, extend it fully. Like this;


This will now allow you to wiggle the mount itself so that it comes out of its "bolt on" position and will push forward just a little. If you look closely at this picture of the back end of the mount, you will see a gap between the mount and the timing cover (where it usually sits up against it). That’s the position that you want;


That will now allow you to rotate the plate forward and up just a little and then you will be able to remove the front lower bolt;



Now you can simply pull the bracket out, with the back bolt still sitting in place (she should basically come right out);


That’s it. Once you’ve done this a couple of times it becomes pretty easy and quick. Best to have patience and more patience on your first couple of times.

Now back to the rest of your timing belt removal.


written by bullettdsm


Document statistics: Last modified on 2009-12-19 10:36:44 by bullettdsm

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