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Remote Start on MTX DSM

1G & 2G Remote Starter

A remote starter on a 5-speed DSM IS POSSIBLE. My car is rolling proof. It took a lot of research and experimentation, but it's all feasible. Written out below are detailed step-by-step processes, with slightly different explanations for each generation DSM.

This mod was aimed at those DSM owners with a stock alarm looking to install a remote starter. After doing some further research into the subject at the behest of a visitor, this mod is 100% applicable to those of you without the stock alarm. The starter relay is located in the same spot, the clutch pedal switch is identical, and the connections are exactly the same. Only the security features aren't present.


1. A transmission sensor MUST be installed to check if the car is in gear.

Parts List:

1. DPDT 12VDC relay

Tools Required:

1. Soldering iron or gun
2. Electrical solder
3. Electrical tape
4. #2 Phillips screwdriver
5. Wire strippers
6. Several feet of 16 to 18 gauge wire
7. Small electrical leads for testing (optional)

Diagrams Required:
(taken straight out of the 1991 Talon Electrical Manual.)

1. Stock alarm system diagram
2. DPDT relay diagram

Before you begin:

1. Purchase the parts required for your install.
2. Print this document and all required diagrams.
3. Locate all the tools you need for this project.

Now for the real fun stuff. Take a look at the stock alarm system diagram. As mentioned before, this is identical to the DSMs without alarms once security features #4 and #5 are removed.

For help finding the starter relay...

Use this *(dead link)* diagram.

You'll find that relay box under the driver's side, up and to the left. You'll have to remove some lower dash panels to get to it.

Use this *(dead link)* diagram.

For you, the relay will be in your center console, beneath your radio.

Ok, the starter wire from the alarm unit is soldered to the positive (+) lead on the DPDT relay. Connect the negative (-) lead to a the transmission sensor we installed earlier. Find a 12+DCV source; this is soldered to one of the switched contacts using red wire. On the NO (normally open) side connect a red wire going to the starter wire. On the other switched contact, attach wire #3 off of the Starter Relay (#2). To the accompanying NO side, solder wire #4 off of the Starter Relay (#2). Solder all of the wires attached to the DPDT relay appropriately.

If none of that made sense, maybe you should consider getting help. If you think you know enough that it should have made sense, use the following list. Each letter represents a terminal on the DPDT relay diagram.

1. Connect the starter wire from the alarm here.
2. Yes, I realized that I didn't use this letter in my diagram. So sue me.

3. The starter wire from the ignition switch attaches here.
5. Wire #4 from the starter relay goes here.
7. Run a wire from the magnetic transmission sensor we discussed earlier to this terminal.
8. +12VDC source to this point; I used the same power source as my alarm for this.
9. Wire #3 from the starter relay goes here.

As far as finding an RPM tap goes or a tachometer wire, I used the positive wire from my fuel pump.


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