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Rear Sway Bar

The early base model Eclipse and Talon did not come with a rear sway bar. This component helps reduce oversteer when cornering.
Following is the part number list and price list to obtain the components for a 1995 Eagle Talon ESi. The components are sourced from a Talon TSi FWD. No specific information is available for base model Eclipses at this time, but the Mitsubishi dealer may be able to determine the required components for you.

The rear lower control arms are different and you MUST replace them when you install a rear sway bar. This job can be done in your driveway and with ordinary hand tools. PLEASE use jack stands or similar to hold up the car, not just the jack. Work safely.

This price list and part number list was obtained 09/13/95, so the prices _will_ be higher and the part numbers _may_ be supersceeded. The numbers are from a Jeep Dealership but the numbers have M preceeding them so they should probably be the same for the Mitsus. Warning, they will all probably have to be special ordered. This is the way everything is listed on my invoice. Figure your own tax. 1995 price.


1 MR130722 BAR RR SY 17- 29-
3 43.75 43.75

2 MB515245 BRACKET R 17- 29-

1 4.45

2 MB303540 BUSHINGS R 17- 11- 17
4.00 8.00

4 MF241251 BOLT P/S 18- 50-

1 .70

4 MS440504 NUT ENG M 18- 50- 22
.35 1.40

2 MB892982 LINK RR S 17- 29- 17
13.25 26.50

2 MR131754 ARM ASSY 17- 11-
15 41.00 82.00

This information was authored by Rich Benner, Jr. (HPDustoff@aol.com), and obtained from the ClubDSM main digest.

This document can be reprinted for personal use or reference for your mechanic(s) with no prior permission needed. It can be linked to directly, as long as you have a visible link to the main 2GNT page of http://www.2gnt.com somewhere and/or a statement that the information was obtained from the 2GNT site. This document can NOT be reprinted in whole or in part for profit/resale/redistribution of ANY type without expressed WRITTEN permission from Team 2GNT in advance. Bulk copying of this document (or portion of this document) onto your web site without prior permission will not be tolerated.


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