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Here you will find reviews written by members of 2GNT on a number of different parts and services available for your 2GNT DSM. We hope this section of the wiki might help you to make a more informed decision prior to making a purchase and thereby become a valuable resource at your disposal when you need it.

Should you wish to contribute to this section, we ask that you follow these simple guidelines in order to both better help your brothers and sisters in the DSM community and positively represent our site.

1. Be thorough.
The more information you can provide, the more useful someone might find your review in the future. Be sure to mention intial thoughts on quality, fitment, price and performance. Was the part what you expected? How hard was it to install? Did you get a deal on it? Can other members get the same deal? Do you think the gains seen were worth what you paid? Is it a good value? Would you recommend it to others?

2. Be intelligent.
Contributing to this wiki in any way will allow you to build a reputation in the DSM community at large. Take the time to spell check your review and make sure it sounds right. A good trick for proof-reading is to start at the end and read each sentence by itself. Does it sound like a complete thought? Readers will pick up on and appreciate your attention to details.

3. Be mature.
Do not alter another member's review or get into any kind of argument over differing opinions. If you find another review that you think is so infuriatingly off-base that you want to punch your monitor, use the report link at the bottom of the page to inform the staff or mention it in the forums, where we can all take a look and see what we think.

4. Be cool.
No flaming of other members or vendors. We all know how frustrating it can be to wait an eternity for something you ordered or that sinking feeling you get upon opening a package and realizing it's not what you were expecting. There is nothing wrong with sharing your experiences, both good and bad, in dealing with manufacturers or vendors so long as you stick to the facts. Put the anger and frustration aside and focus on what you know for a FACT. Don't say, "So-and-so treats their customers like dirt." Instead, say, "I don't feel that
was treated right by So-and-so." So long as you stick to what happened to you and do not make any sort of sweeping generalizations, the community needs to hear how you were treated.

5. No dupes!
This one is easy! Look through the list of reviews to see if the part you would like to review has already been evaluated by someone else. If not, make a new entry on the main list, but if it has, append to the existing review so that future readers can get everyone's thoughts in one, easy to find place.

That's really all we ask. Reviews of parts and services by members of the DSM community are an important part of what we're trying to do with the site - help as many DSMers as possible. You can be a big help to hundreds of other DSMers by just being thorough, intelligent, mature, and cool.

Thank you.

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