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Preparing Your Car


Today we will discuss what you will need to do in order to prepare you car for a five speed swap.

Safety and You

Be careful when you are attempting this swap. You will be spending a lot of time under the car or around the car while it is supported on jackstands. I will not be held reliable if you do something stupid and hurt yourself. So be safe. If you have questions regarding safety, or how to do something safely, I will not have a problem answering a question. I am sure that the majority of the mods here will not have a problem answering a question about safely working on a car.

Tools Required

I will suggest that you have a fairly good selection of metric wrenches and sockets available to you. This needs to include extensions of varying lengths. You will also need Phillips and Common tipped screw drivers. I have access to a fair amount of tools through family, so you might want to see what your relatives have in case you need anything.

You will need to borrow, rent, or buy a handful of specialty tools for this swap. These may include, but are not necessarily limited to:
-Hub Puller (For removing the CV shafts from the knuckles)
-Knockout Tool (For punching a hole in the firewall)
-Torque Wrench (For torquing bolts)
-Multimeter (Troubleshooting Electrical, if you have problems after the swap)
-Second set of hands (If I hand four hands this would be ten times easier)
-Beer (Personally, I suggest a nice 12-pack of Sam Adams)

Vehicle Preparation

Find a nice comfortable spot to work on your car. Preferably somewhere in the shade with concrete. I like using a creeper when I am underneath the car. When you drop parts, it is much easier to find them on a paved surface instead of gravel or grass. I do realize that we can not always work in optimal conditions. Just make sure that you can safely support the car wherever you are going to work on it.

After you have the vehicle safely supported on jackstands, I am going to suggest that you go on ahead and pull the front wheels off of the car and that you remove the driver's side seat. I find it easier to lay on my back when I am removing the brake pedal assembly and working under the dash in general.

You should go ahead and remove the center console at this point as well. It will need to eventually come out of the car.

We are now ready to start the process for removing parts on this car. Remember things will get frustrating and parts may not want to line up the first try. If
this happens, sit down, grab a cold Sam Adams and enjoy a smoke/whatever your other poison of choice is.

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