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Illumination | Power Mirror Switch

Tools Reqd:
A Swiss army knife(with a flat screw driver) or a small flat screw driver (like the one used to open up hand watches)
A piece of cloth

Step One:
Pry open the switch board. I did it with my fingers, however if your hands are too big or the board is too tight inside use a flat screwdriver wrapped in a cloth to pry it open.

Step Two:
As you remove the trim with switches, disconnect the wire harness by pressing small tabs on the harness and pulling them free.

Step Three:
Look at the back side of the switch, you can see there a small hole with two contacts, that is our light bulb you can use voltmeter to check if there is resistance between those contacts to be sure that the light bulb is burned and you don't have anything shorted. Make a quarter turn in counter clock wise direction to unscrew it. You can now try to pry it form there with a small screw driver. When I tried it was possible but was leaving little nicks on the switch; I did not like that and proceeded with opening the switch.

Step Four:
Open the switch by inserting the screwdriver between the cover and the wall of the switch on the back side. Try to unhook the two small teeth as you apply the some pressure to open the witch. Be careful if you pull too much the switch might open too fast and you will loose a little rubber piece used to short the buttons or the 4 way button that you press to adjust the mirror. Don't move the screw driver too much so you don't damage anything inside just try to get the two locks on that wall, I applied almost no force to get it open.

Step Five:
Now turn the switch over and push out the little yellow light bulb. Reassembly is the reverse of the steps above except you may tighten the bulb as you put it in, or at a later time, also make sure that rubber buttons are in their original positions and the 4 way switch is firmly in place.

I had a blue 5mm led handy, so I connected it and tried to see what it will look like inside. It can fit very tight and nice in there but does need some careful direction adjustment so that the switch is illuminated evenly.

Reassemble the switch when you are satisfied and enjoy


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