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PVC Cold Air Intake

Parts List

1. A ratchet with 10 or 12 mm socket
2. 2 Feet of 3 inch PVC pipe
3. Two (2) 3 inch pvc 90 degree turns
4. One Universal K&N Cone filter.
5. One 3 inch pvc straight connector.
6. PVC Glue


Step 1 :

Take out the factory air box. Notice how it snaps in along with the bolts holding it? Right there in the center. There are three bolts and forgive me if I am wrong, but I believe they are 10mm, just in case have your 12 mm socket with you. Look at all the resonator stuff too, it goes to nothing..

Step 2:

Now you get to put together the lower intake part of the pipe. I had to buy the pvc pipe in a 10ft. section, this, besides the filter, was the most expensive part, it was I think 6-8 dollars. First take one of the 90 degree bends you have, and stick it on the stock rubber pipe.
measure length

*image missing*

Then take a ruler, and find out how far down you need to go. Cut the pipe about this long, and give yourself a couple of inches. As you can see here the middle section is about 6 inches long:

*image missing*

The picture is upside down, the part at the bottom is what slips onto the intake rubber pipe. The straight part on top is where the filter goes. Notice, that the pipe will bend a little, the top part is flat, but the bottom is up off the ground.

Step 3:

Next, you are going to attach the filter to the 3 inch extender. It wont fit perfect, so I took some masking tape, and wrapped it around the filters neck to fill the space. (I have it on VERY tight, I cant even rip it off. I think this is good, as you don't want your filter coming off. It wouldn't anyway, it doesn't move)

Step 4:

*image missing*

Put it together to test it. Once you get it right, glue the pieces together with the PVC glue. I left the filter just pushed on, because I might need to put it on the end of the rubber pipe in a bad rain storm. I can also take the filter off and clean it or take pictures off it to show you.
final assembly
I also put a little masking, and electrical tape on the intake hose (just to make it fit better).

Step 5:

*image missing*

Take the filter off, and put the pipe in the car. It should go in a little gap in the wheels splash guard.

Step 6:

After you have the pipe in place, get the filter under the car, and push it onto the pipe as hard as you
can get it. The filter should be in this location.


This little mod, made me 6 hp over the stock tube, with NO filter, and NO airbox. So, I am guess 8-10 over the stock box with paper filter.

If you have any question let me know, I can see if I can give specific measurements if you need them. indyspat@flash.net

Excuse the messy car and engine bay please... :-)

Thanks to www.2gnt.com for the space and help on everything else I have done to the car.

Source | Marc Johnson | 95 Eclipse GS | #7 DSP

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