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Im just writing this because im bored and because its a way for me to contribute to the knowledge ive learned from 2gnt.com.

This is a guide with pictures included on how to replace a few sensors and the thermostat in a 2gnt. Yes its simple but o well. The reason i did this is because my car was overheating and my fans werent turning on. I went to a mechanic and they recommended replacing the thermostat but wanted $75 to do it. I replaced that along with these sensors and this fixed my problem.

Things needed:
-Thermostat 195 degrees (alternate temperature thermostats will be discussed below)
-Coolant Temperature sensor
-Fan Switch sensor
-Upper radiator hose

(All of these can be purchased at autozone)

What to do here:

First make sure the cars nice and cool...

First i recommend jacking the car up, as mine is lowered... its sort of hard to get things under it like a catch pan for fluids.

Then go ahead and remove the upper radiator hose. Again, make sure the car is cool... coolant will flow out, try to catch as much as u can with the catch pan under the car.
Dont mind my taped hose...

Then go ahead and remove the screws that hold the thermostat in

Remove the thermostat and then remove both of the sensors, replacing them with the new ones

Put the new thermostat in

Scrape the old gasket clean and put the new one in place.

Screw it all back together.

My old hose was gettin kinda... well it needed replaced so i bought a new one, they come universal so u have to cut it.

Dont forget to fill it up with coolant.

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Thermostats are designed to heat the engine by closing of flow of the coolant until it reaches a certain temperature (oem is 195). The reason for the 195 degree thermostat is because thats the temperature that the vehicle is most efficient from the factory. Well, alot of us like to modify our vehicles performance wise, an in turn change the common ingredients that where originally researched for that temperatures efficiency (i.e. higher octane fuel, synthetic fluids, forced induction, ect.)

So lets talk alternate temperature thermostats. howell sells a few a 160 and 180 degree. You can get the same part from advance auto parts under the stant brand (part# 13788 for 1/5 the cost)

Now a few things you need to remember is that our cars quit running in open loop at 150 degrees so as long as you dont hard wire your fans you should be ok with the exception of automatics. You see the automatics run in limp mode until the car reaches over 175 degrees. Which would be a problem if you where running a 160 t-stat. Now even if you are running a 180 t-stat on an auto do not hard wire your fans because you will see temps frequently dip below 175 in that case. The 5-speed of course does not have this problem.

When running programs like Msns you can control all these variables yourself and actually optimize the efficiency of the vehicle whether or not its power or gas mileage your looking for.

added by: [i ]dsmtuner1[/i ]

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