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Old Handling Stages Intro

STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION - but we're working on it!

So far, this is just the description of the up and coming Handling Stages. It's just a little something to give you an idea of what to expect Handling stages versus power stages: why are they set up differently?

The handling stages do not follow the same format as the power stages. The power stages are organized in a linear fashion; they go from easier bolt on modifications in the early stages and move up to more involved modifications in the later stages. You perform the modifications in stage one, then move onto the modifications in stage two. There is little to no duplication of effort as you move up the power stages. The later modifications typically don't perform well unless you have already installed the modifications in earlier stages. For the power stages, the modifications in the early stages therefore "support" the modifications in later stages.

Due to the nature of suspension components, this layout does not work so easily. The handling stages are organized in a parallel fashion. Lower stages are "mild" setups, while higher stages are "wild" setups. The total performance, cost, and difficulty of the modifications for each stage increases with the higher levels. But, each stage usually has the same type of modification, just more expensive versions of it, so it becomes impractical to move from a lower stage to a higher one as you would be wasting money by discarding the modification from the lower stage. For example, a low level stage might have $50 street performance pads, while higher stages would have $100+ race only pads. In order to move from the low stage to the high stage, you would have to discard the lower performance pads and purchase the higher performance pads.

Therefore, the handling stages are more like suggested "recipes" for a "mild," "moderate," or "wild" setup for your car.

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