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Walker Renton Mitsubishi


Mitsubishi Parts is one of the best dealership experiences I think you could ask for. The site is owned by Walker Renton Mitsubishi in Renton, Washington.

I have ordered from them at least 10 times over the last two years. They always have better prices than my local dealer and are still fairly quick at getting me parts even though I'm on the other side of the country and my orders are usually for parts they don't stock. I have never had a problem with an order and once when I ordered a large quantity of an item, they even emailed me just to make sure I didn't order the wrong amount.

One price example is for the OEM 4g63 exhaust manifold studs that many of us turbo guys end up using. I called up my local thief (I mean dealer) and they wanted $3/stud and $2/nut. That's a total of $40 plus I'd have to drive ~40 miles and waste a solid hour or more of my time to get them. I ordered from mitsubishiparts.com and the prices where $1.90/stud and $.42/nut for a total of $18.56 + 10% shipping = $20.42 shipped to my door. That's half of what my local dealer wanted and also less than what RRE charges ($25)

I've never spoken to anyone at Walker Renton over the phone, but that's solely because I have never had a reason to. I've never had a problem. Sometimes their parts catalog is a bit hard to navigate and you my have to try searching a few areas to get what you're looking for if you don't have a part number, but I've found it to be well worth the little bit of time.


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