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Maintenance | Leaks!

All you ever wanted to know about finding leaks on your DSM.

Fluid Leaks

If your DSM does not leak, give it a couple days. It will. These articles talk about common fluid leaks, how to tell what kind of fluid you've got, and how to stop them.

THREAD:"Coolant leak and Overheats (sorta long)"
This one turned out to be heater hoses. Presents repair options.

THREAD:"Unknown Oil Leak"
This thread discusses a number of troubleshooting techniques and potential leak points.

THREAD:"EXTREMELY Bad Oil Leak need help!! ASAP"
[i]TheRedBarren discovered that his OPSU was to blame for his really bad leak. Lucky he caught it in time![/i]

THREAD:"new fuel filter keeps leaking"
susafuss deals with a leak after replacing the fuel filter.

THREAD:"Kiss of Death - Leaking Rear Main"
We help Keith2172 realize that a leaking rear main seal isn't really the "Kiss of Death." Lots of information about how to determine this seal is gone and how to replace it.

THREAD:"Valvecover gasket leaking into sparkplug well."
This is about as bad as it gets when you have oil down inside those spark plug wells.

THREAD:"clutch master cylinder leaking"
Clutch pedal go all the way to the floor all of the sudden? Trouble getting into gear? Just want to know why that reservoir is bone dry? Read this thread.

Vacuum Leaks

Vacuum leaks account for a lot of annoying drivability issues. Here's some info on how to diagnose, trace, and repair vacuum leaks.

THREAD:"Vacuum Leak? How to find?"
A couple easy tricks to tracking down vac leaks.

THREAD:"Stupid Vac leak."
Mike usually screws up, but in this thread, he gets people sharing more tricks to find vacuum leaks.

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