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LED Panels

[b] By: Slimyjr. [/color]



This wiki page is currently under construction. Due to a few complaints, I've decided to update the page has I progress. Everything will be accompanied with pictures and or illustrations. I appreciate the support and questions, but as for negative comments, please keep them to yourself. This is my vehicle and I will treat it has such.

For those of you who have seen my interior, it is red and black. But since I have alot of down time, I've decided to do the whole interior in black except for certain trim pieces, which will be metallic grey. Being a fan of some tasteful illumination on the inside of the car, I decided to undertake this project. The plan is to have a panel that has clear sections. But these clear sections will not be so visible because they will be nite-shaded or tinted. I will try both and review each option. That way the panel appears to be a normal black panel, but when you flip the switch, the clear sections will illuminate with LEDs. The LEDs will be mounted to circuit boards and I will experiment with capacitors to get the LEDs to strobe with bass. I will post all of my findings with detailed instructions.


[color=red][b] - [/color][b] Plexiglass. My cost: $2.79/sq. ft.

[color=red][b] - [/color][b] Plexiglass/Plastic scorer: My cost: $2.49

[color=red][b] - [/color][b] Dremel Tool: My cost: Free. Already had one.

[color=red][b] - [/color][b] Wet sand paper(assorted): My cost: $4.19

[color=red][b] - [/color][b] Distributer block(optional): My cost: $7.99

Lets get busy!!

First Step(optional):
This is entirely optional, to a point. Don't do this if you want a ton of wires running everywhere. I will only go over it the way I did it. Anyways, go buy two distributer blocks with four ports. Your choice of location is optional but I moved my SRS control module and mounted the blocks where that was. The one block is for power, the other is ground. Also, use a thick wire going into the block for best results.

This is where I mounted the blocks. To remove the SRS module, remove the 4 10mm bolts on the corners. Then I used sheetmetal screws to mount the blocks.

This is where the SRS control module is now. Directly under the drivers seat.

Here you can see where I grounded the one block.

These are the plastic covers for the blocks. If you can't read that it says Lightning Audio.

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