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Interior Modification


In this section we will be discussing the actual work that you will be doing on the inside of the car. This includes removal of the shifter assembly, pedals, console and re-installation of these components.

Removing and Installing the Center Console

Removing the center console is a really straight forward process if you have never done it before.

If you look along the grey or tan inserts on the side of the center console you should see one plastic push pin and one screw. If you pry the push pin out you are halfway to getting that side panel off the console. After you get the screw out now, the panel should be loose. You should be able to slide it towards the front of the car now. This will unhook the read of the panel off the console. You should now be able to slide the panel down just a little bit to unhook it from the top of the console. Now grab the top of the panel and pull back and up. It should come out pretty easily. Both sides come out the same way.

Once you have the side panels out, let's remove the trim bezel around the radio. This piece is easily broken as there are four tabs on the back of it that press into the console/dash. If you are not careful you can break these tabs off. The bezel will stay in place though with all of the tabs broken though. I know from experience since whatever idiot installed the cassette deck in my car broke all the tabs off. Anyway, just grab the bezel in the center underneath the climate control and gently pull up. The bezel should flex a little bit and allow you to stick your fingers along the edge to pull it up and out.

Now that the bezel is out and so are the side panels it is time to take the console out of the car. Open up your cup holder and ashtray. Pull up on your ashtray to remove it. Now on the center of the cupholder and ashtray assembly I want you to pull up. This should come out with little force.

We are almost done now. Just four screws, two electrical connections and 1 light to undo and the console can come out of the car.

In the forward left corner of the cupholder hole there is a light for the ashtray. If you unscrew this by hand it will pull down and out of the console. On the cigarette lighter, you will see an electrical spade plug inserted into the cehter of the lighter assembly. Disconnect this. Now unscrew the bottom of the cigarette lighter. Part of the assembly should fall down while you will have to pull the other half out through the top of the center console.

If you look under where the cupholder assembly was you should see two Phillips screws. Undo both of these. Now slide the seats forward. You should see one more screw on each side of the center console. Remove both of these.

The center console is now completely disconnected. All you should have to do to remove it is catch it near the dash and lift up and pull back. Then the whole console should pick straight up. You should set this off to the side someplace where it will not get damaged.

Removing the Shifter

Removing the Shifter Cables

Installing the Shifter Cables

Installing the Shifter

Removing the Pedal Assembly

Cutting out the Firewall

Installing your new Pedal Assemblies

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