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I did mine over a year ago so I don't remember all the details exactly but here is a quick synopsis:

Get some thick copper wire. I think the one I used was 4ga., and some ring terminals. Depending how you are running your set up the amound of cable will vary, the price of copper is very high right now, so it may be up to $30 just for that, the terminals shouldn't be to expensive. Run the wires as in the diagram or as you wish. Do a quick search on the archives and form your own oppinion. I did mine based on the illustrations used by DR1665, when he made the kits for sale on the forum (before I joined). So far I have not had any problems, but there are an inmense amount of ways people consider "the right way", I did it like this and it has worked thus far. It is all ultimately up to you. Happy modding.


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