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From the founder of Team 2GNT, Juan Laguna:
This site was set up for owners of Second Generation non-turbo Mitsubishi Eclipse and Eagle Talon sports coupes. I have a Black 1996 Eclipse GS, and found that other than a few bits and pieces on the ClubDSM site, there was very little information available for my car. So, I set about changing that. In 1998, the 2G NT Page was born.

The site has evolved from very modest beginnings to one of the best car clubs I have come across, based on the quality of the members we have. Most of the original work for setting up the site was done by just myself, but the responsibilities are now outstripping the resources I can devote to the task. We have a dedicated group on individuals now who will help to grow the community further to the great benefit of all.

A timeline of accomplishments and events deemed noteworthy by the members of Team 2GNT over the years.

A little about our goals as a site!

Some of the original images used to link people to this site.


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