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HRC Stage II Part Upgrade List...

...and a Thank you to 2gnt Posters.

LAST EDITED ON 27-Sep-02 AT 05:33 AM (PST)

Thanks to everyone who responded to my posts regarding information on the HRC Turbo Kit and part Upgrades. On Monday, I ordered a HRC Stage II with a Side Mount Intercooler (I know front mount can be more effective but my aftermarket bumper does not have enough room). I not only wanted to thank everyone but I am also posting this list as a guide to those who may be considering purchasing an HRC kit. Maybe this post could be included in the already seen section of the forum. If I left any parts out please add to the list.

- HRC Stage II with a Side Mount Intercooler (www.hahnracecraft.com)
- Autometer Lunar Series Boost Guages (Air/Fuel, Pyrometer, Boost)
Autometer Full Pillar Pod (www.optauto.com)
- 4G63 8mm Exhaust manifold studs, nuts, and washers (www.road-race.com)
- Vortech Super Fuel Management Unit with Hard Spring
(Part #7X100-050) (www.vortechengineering.com)
- NGK Spark Plugs BKR7E (#6097) (www.ngksparkplugs.com)
(one range colder than stock - stock is BKR6E-11)
- Missing Link 003 Fuel Cut Defender (www.group5motorsport.com)

**The websites listed may not have the best prices but had everything I was looking for at one site - especially the guages**

Other Parts Needed (can be picked up at a local auto store):
- Teflon Paste
- Schrader Check Valve (tire valve) removal tool
- Oil Pressure Sending Unit Socket (1 1/16" size)
- Spark Plug gapper

Some install notes I've read:
- I will be running about 5-6psi to start with using the 2.62 disk in the SFMU with the hard spring
(Idle Pressure set 47-50 psi, Static set to 60 psi).
- I will also be gapping the NGK plugs to .032 to .035
- Wire tap for the Air Fuel Guage Sensor is Wire 30 (not 31 as seen in other posts - I double checked this in the shop manual) on the upper connector of the computer unit next to the fuse box in the engine compartment. (May be different for years other than a 96 GS)

That's all I could think of that I have purchased and read about. If I left anything out that I should purchase before the kit arrives or if my information is incorrect please let me know and I will update the post. Also thanks to 2gnt poster optimuspeterson for the Hahn Installation instructions as reading them ahead of time and locating components will definitely reduce installation complications.

Pictures after the install is completed (probably mid October) will be posted.

Thanks again 2gnt posters,

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