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Find your nearest Mexican and ask him where you can find a Home Depot, I am mexican so its built into my DNA:

Get some of this:

And This

Go home and measure the bottom of your bumper by taking it off or lifting it. I have an extra bumber so I'm lukcy:

Pull out the double sided tape you just got from Home Depot:

Place the tape on the edge of the moulding that you chose to attach to the bumper:

Clean the bottom of the bumper, where the tape and moulding will attach to.

Peel the protective plastic and place the tape to the bottom of the bumper a small piece at a time to prevent errors in placement and loss of adhesion in the tape:

Finish attaching the mouling and VOILA! You are now part of the HD (Home Depot) Racing Team (Decals to come soon)

I am not responsible for you messing up your car, personal belongings or body. This is just for reference, do under your own risk.

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