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GST exhaust

Installing GS-T Exhaust


The GS-T exhaust flows just as good at top end as does MOST aftermarket exhausts, but the GST keeps low-end torque. If you reach the point of serious mods (pistons, cams, head work), a high-flow cat will be needed. A single (straight-through) chamber muffler would also be helpful. The stock GS-T exhaust is good to about 200 horsepower.

There is one slight difference in the piping of the GS-T exhaust vs the stock non-turbo one. There is an additional resonator located just at the bend where the piping wraps around the gas tank. It is about six or seven inches long. If you just install the GS-T muffler, you will find the exhaust note slightly louder than if you install the entire cat-back. The piping is the same diameter between the non-turbo and GS-T, so other than the noise issue, installing the entire cat-back is not necessary, especially given the difficulty of removing the pipe from the catalytic converter and taking out the 02 sensor. This document will only cover the installation of the muffler-unit from the GS-T, which is all that is really needed.

Equipment List:

- floorjack
- jackstands (2)
- sockets set or wrenches - metric sizes
- your emergency jack with 3-4" high block to put it on
- WD-40, Liquid Wrench or similar if the bolts are rusted

Prep work

- park car on level surface, in gear and with the parking brake on tight. You might want to put chock-blocks in front of front tires.
- loosen bolts on left rear wheel.
- raise back of car with floorjack.
- secure car with jackstands.
- remove the left rear wheel.

Stock muffler removal:

- loosen then remove the bolts on the flanges attaching the muffler to the pipe from the catalytic converter.
- loosen the bolts on the rubber hangers holding the muffler on.
- move the muffler enough to remove the gasket. Retain this for the reinstall (unless you are using a new one).
- remove the bolts holding the muffler on the hangers.
- take the muffler off.

GS-T muffler install:

- position the emergency jack on a block directly under the lowest flat part of the left rear suspension. Jack up the suspension about 1".
- bring the flange at the end of the muffler pipe up to the area between the gas tank and crossmember. Swing the tip end of the muffler in the direction of the left rear brake disc.
- Raise or lower the suspension with the emergency jack enough to allow the muffler pipe flange to angle through the gap.
- Once through, lower and remove the emergency jack.
- Put the bolts of the muffler into the rubber hangers. Tighten the bolts slightly.
- Join the flange of the muffler to the flange of catalytic converter pipe, placing the gasket in between. Ensure that the gasket is correctly aligned and won't interfere with the flow. Bolt the flanges together.
- Tighen all bolts holding the muffler in place.
- Replace the rear wheel, and finger tighten the lugs.
- Lower the car. Once down, torque the rear wheel lugs properly.
- start the engine and check for leaks around the flanges.

Where to get:

- Occasionally you will see them posted on thepartstrader.com and dsmtrader.com.
- The best place is to find your local performance shops and ask them to keep the stock part whenever someone with a 2G GS-T or TSi FWD comes in for an upgrade. Prices vary, but don't pay any more than $50 for one. I personally got mine for $20 from RRE.
- You could also look at junkyards.


- Installing other aftermarket exhausts should follow a similar procedure.
- If you decide to install the cat-to-muffler pipe as well, it is recommended to do this on a lift. The bolts at the cat can be very difficult to remove, requiring a breaker bar or air wrench. Take care when removing the 02 sensor so as not to damage it.
- AWD mufflers will not fit directly. The muffler itself is the same as the GS-T, but the piping is different. You will need to get the pipe cut and welded to fit at a muffler shop, which will cost extra. The GS-T is way easier to deal with.
- An open element air filter really works well in conjunction with the GS-T exhaust. The sound will be louder and deeper than stock, with some induction noise. It will _not_ sound like a Honda!


Juan Laguna and Jeff Okayasu

This document can be reprinted for personal use or reference for your mechanic(s) with no prior permission needed. It can be linked to directly, as long as you have a visible link to the main 2GNT page of http://www.2gnt.com somewhere and/or a statement that the information was obtained from the 2GNT site. This document can NOT be reprinted in whole or in part for profit/resale/redistribution of ANY type without expressed WRITTEN permission from Team 2GNT in advance. Bulk copying of this document (or portion of this document) onto your web site without prior permission will not be tolerated.

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