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Back to the Future!

Hopefully this will chronicle, to it's completion, the build-up of my latest project - a 1992 Eagle Talon TSI AWD road race car.

Drawing inspiration from the Eagle Talons of the early '90's campaigned by the Archer Brothers it seemed like a perfect choice to drive into the next chapter of my 20 year racing career.

Who wouldnt want to drive that?

With plans to run it in the NASA Time Trial and Performance Touring classes, as well as seeing some auto-x action, the build will initially focus on safety, big sticky tires and suspension. Once that is sorted out, we'll throw some proven mods at it and go pick on the big boys. So without further adieu, let's meet the lucky lady.

Immediate plans are to gut the car completely - even the dash is most likely going. At least a 6 point rollcage with door bars (gutted doors), and maximum weight reduction. The goal is to have a wet weight of around 2600-2700 pounds, before ballast and I get in. If we do it right the car will weigh 3100 pounds on the track with fuel on board. The rest of the quick list goes like this:

Full fire supression system
Lexan quarter glass and hatch glass
Full poly bushing replacement
Fuel cell
Relocated battery
A/C delete
Tranny cooler
Oil cooler upgrade
Full engine rebuild
Full tranny rebuild
245 or 255 RA-1's or Hoosiers on 17x8.5 wheels
Custom built coilovers
Every free mod there is

Horsepower goal to start with is a modest 250 awhp (Mustang Dyno) from the stock 14b. All mods cost points and too many points and you start moving up classes. If I go too crazy I'll be trying to chase down Evo's and Z06's. So moderation is the key.

Once I get her home I will snap some more pics, and then post a steady stream of in process shots as things move along. I'm not planning on turning a wheel in anger until 2009, unless things really start moving along. There may be some shakedown events between now and then as well.



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