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Bigger Bolt Mod

The hole in the bracket on our front motor mount is 9mm in diameter. The hole going through the motor mount itself is actually 0.634" (~5/8" or 16mm) in diameter. The stock bolt going through the mount is pretty thin and when the engine torques or you shift gears the bolt is slammed to one side of the mount (to the point that when I removed my stock bolt, it was slightly bent). What you are going to do with this mod is put a 5/8" or 16mm bolt through the motor mount which will make your car feel SOOOO MUCH better to drive and shift.

This mod will cost you about $3.00 to do. This is what you will need and you can get it from a local Home Depot, Lowes, or other hardware store.

1 Grade 8+ 5/8"x3" or Class 10.9+ 16x75mm bolt (preferably washer head with 2" or 55mm shank)
1 matching lock washer for your bolt (not required, but for good measure)
1 matching nut for your bolt

The first step will be to Jack up the front of your car

Next, remove the bolt, nut, and lock washer going through the front motor mount (14mm)

Then, remove the cross member. There are 2 bolts in the front by the radiator (17mm) and 2 bolts near firewall (14mm). Watch out as to not get hit when you get all the bolts out.

Now, remove the 2 bolts holding this bracket for the front motor mount to the block (14mm)

You should now have the bracket off of the block and the front mount and cross member off the car.

In order to put the bigger bolt through the mount and bracket you are going to have to drill out the hole in the bracket to 5/8ths of an inch:

Once you have drilled the bracket out test fit it with the new bolt,lock washer, and nut you have.

If everything fits well then throw that bracket back on your block and put your mount and crossmember back on with your new bolt through the mount.

Once everything is back together take it for a ride and feel how great your car drives/shifts.

By: Gorkoracing


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