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Fog Lights with Parking Lights

By Brad Bauer.

Brad's Note

This modification is from Mike Caroll (aka TurboMike) and ONLY for 2nd generation DSMs. This procedure will allow you to keep your fog lights on while the
bright-headlights are on. This is his procedure, so any comments or concerns with it should be directed toward him. He does say this was done on a '95-'96 Talon, so check before doing this on a '97+.
Stock Condition
There's a parking light relay which fires the parking lights, dash lights, etc and a headlight relay which fires the headlights, fog lights, etc.
Have fogs work with parking lights, not just headlights.
Parts needed
Fuse holder with at least 3" of wire on either side (Radio shack has a blade in-line fuse holder for $1.60)
Any blade fuse, any amp & can be a blown fuse (will be used to hold a wire)


1. The 2G fuse box (the one under the hood) holds the headlight and taillight relays and the fog light fuse. When the headlight relay fires, 12v is provided to the fog light fuse which goes to the fog light relay (controlled by fog switch). What we want to do is disconnect that circuit and have the taillight relay power this fuse, allowing the fog switch to work normally when the parking lights are on and not just when the headlights are on.
2. Open your fuse box, use guide printed on top to find the taillight relay and the fog light fuse. Remove the fog light fuse and put it in your in-line fuse holder (or if its not a blade fuse holder, get a 15 amp fuse for it). Take any blade fuse, and cut it in half between the two blade connections. Use one half and put it in the empty fog fuse socket ON THE SIDE TOWARDS THE FRONT BUMPER after inserting one wire of the in-line fuse holder. The half a fuse should be keeping the fuse holder's wire in.
3. Pull the taillight relay. It looks like this:

Taillight Relay

4. Stick the other in-line fuse holder wire into pin #4's socket and plug the relay back in on the wire. Make SURE the holder's wire is only touching pin #4.
5. Power from the headlight relay stops at the fog fuse (now with only half a fuse in it), power from the parking light relay reaches the fogs (still fused by 15 amp fuse in the holder) through the fuse holder.


1. Daytime running lights: Instead of plugging the fuse holder wire into the tail light relay, plug it into the Radio fuse (SIDE CLOSEST TO FRONT BUMPER). This is in the lower left corner of the fuse box (on the turbo cars, non turbo in lower right, second to last) and it is connected with another fuse (have to pull both together), you want the left one. As long as fog switch is on, fogs will turn on when you put in key and turn off when you remove key. Fog switch will work normally with key in. This isn't the greatest thing for your wiring, especially if you're running an after market stereo with an internal amp pumping out lots of wattage (this fuse is the radio head unit's). The best way to do this would be to put a relay on this fuse, and have the relay power the fogs, but I've had it on my car for a few weeks without blowing the fuse.
2. Fog switch ALWAYS works: Don't know why you would want to do this, but someone asked. Plug the fuse holder wire into socket #5 of the tail light relay instead of #4. Warning: you wont know when your fogs are on or off just by the switch, if you accidentally leave them on when you park, there goes your battery.


If your car (or Universe) explodes, don't blame me.
This was done to a 95 car, with a 95 electrical manual. It will hold true for 95-96 turbo and non turbo cars but 97+ has subtle wiring differences. Please check your electrical manual if you have a 97+. (or just check everything anyway, maybe I typo'd or messed up)

Please reply to me (TurboMike) with q's, comments, or help with 97+ cars, BUT NOT 1G Q'S. 1G owners looking for fog mods go to:
http://www.best.com/~talonts/mods/10faq.html or

This document was lifted from the Internet Archive @ www.archive.org due to the original page no longer being available. if you are the author of this page, contact admin@2gnt,com to discuss removal.

Copyright 1999, Brad Bauer


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