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Fog Lights with High Beams

By Brad Bauer

Brad's Note

This modification is from Mike Caroll (aka TurboMike) and ONLY for 2nd generation DSMs. This procedure will allow you to keep your fog lights on while the bright-headlights are on. This is his procedure, so any comments or concerns with it should be directed toward him. He does say this was done on a '95 Talon AWD, so check before doing this on a '96+.
Required Tools, Equipment, or Parts
Screw drivers (flat head & philips)
Electrical tape (or wire taps)
2" of 16 ga. wire


1. Open the column switch cover. The column switch cover is what the ignition key, turn signal stalk, headlight stalk, and steering wheel come out of. Lower the tilt steering adjustment bar. On the bottom of the cover are 4 screws, remove them and unsnap the upper and lower cover from each other (push in around the seam by the stalks).
2. Find the Lighting Column Switch. The lighting switch (connector B-10) is a gray plastic connector with 7 wires: It should up on the upper left portion of the column switch group. (looked at from the driver's seat) Its the only 7 wire connector there, and the only gray one (others are milk white). The wire colors are: 1- Red, 2- Black, 3- Red, 4-Green w/ White, 5- Thick Red (flex), 6- Thick Black, 7- Green w/ Black.

12 34
B-10 Light Column Switch Connector

3. Splice wire #6 (thick black) and wire #7 (green/black stripe). Unplug the connector and take a 2 inch piece of wire and shove it into the slots for #6 and #7 and reconnect, OR use a tap in connector to connect wires #6 and 7, OR just cut the wires and twist them together and cover well with electrical tape. These wires carry no load, they are the ground to the fog light switch. When the headlights are switched into hi-beam, the continuity between wires 6 & 7 are broken, thereby cutting off ground to the fog switch, and the fogs turn off. (i.e.: the fog light switch still functions normally)

Mike's Comments

This was all done on my 95 using the 95 electrical manual (page 8B-59). If you have a 96+ and are worried the wiring is different you can email me and fax me the fog circuit page from your electrical manual.

This document was lifted from the Internet Archive @ www.archive.org. permission was not obtained from the author. if you are the author, please contact admin@2gnt.com to discuss removal options.

Copyright 1999, Brad Bauer


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