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Fire extinguisher installation

After seeing a couple of fires at the drag strip, and realizing that one small oil fire could totally destroy my DSM on the highway, I decided to put in an extinguisher. The only problem was where to put it without hacking up the car or crowding passengers. I had to think for awhile, and this is my solution.
(If anyone can think of another place that doesn't get in passengers way and can be totally reverted back to stock (no holes drilled)
I'd like to know.)

1 Crimping Tool (these can all be found at Radio Shack)
1 Philips screwdriver.

1 A,B,C class extinguisher with mounting bracket
(cost me 25 bucks, Model 250MB-1 made by Badger)
1 4 foot length of 10 gauge wire &
2 10 gauge eyelet electrical crimp connectors

- Remove the rear seat cushion by pulling on the two plastic tabs and lifting it up. (It's just
a piece of foam that weighs nothing)
- Now you will see two metal access panels on the floor under the seat. Each is held down by 4 Philips head screws. Remove the screw that is closest to the center and front of the car on each panel. You are going to put the wire through the holes on the back of the extinguisher bracket, attach the eyelets to the ends and put the screws through them to hold the extinguisher up.
You want to have the wire short enough so it holds the extinguisher up off the floor of the car, but it needs to be low enough that you can still put the seat cushion back on. The extinguisher will be held lengthwise in front of the rear seat.
Measure twice, cut and crimp once.
- When you are done, you should have a fire extinguisher within easy reach behind you, held solidly up against
bottom-front lip of the rear seat cushion. Enjoy your new fuzzy, safe feeling. :)


Procedure by Brent Cook


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