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Here we will talk about masochism and how we are too attached to pieces of machinery or how to convert your car from an automatic to a manual.

Yes, it is expensive. Yes, it is a lot of work. Yes, you will question whether or not the money spent was worth it. Personally, it is worth it. I could have bought another Eclipse for the money I spent, but it was worth it.

Make sure that you have another vehicle to drive while you are doing this swap. You will lose parts, you will overlook something, O'Reilly's will love you.

Having a donor car will also make this swap a lot easier. I figured out how to do this swap having never seen a manual Eclipse/Talon before. It's not that complicated. Just time consuming.

Safety and You

Be careful when you are attempting this swap. You will be spending a lot of time under the car or around the car while it is supported on jackstands. I will not be held reliable if you do something stupid and hurt yourself. So be safe. If you have questions regarding safety, or how to do something safely, I will not have a problem answering a question. I am sure that the majority of the mods here will not have a problem answering a question about safely working on a car.

Enough about safety now, let's move on to the next section.

Removing the CV Axles

Removing your Transmission

Stuff you no Longer Need

Installing your New Clutch Setup

Installing the Manual Transmission

Hooking up the Clutch Release System

Let's put it all back Together

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