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Energy Suspension Shifter Base Bushings Review

I have always complained about the sloppiness of the 2gnt shifter. Everyone said get the Symborski kit, but after some reading on it, I decided to get something else.

Almost every review of the Symborski kit said that the rod did not improve the feel too much at all, but the most gain was felt from stiffening up the shifter plate.

I was searching around and found that Energy Suspension offered a shifter base bushing kit made out of polyurethane. These are almost solid!

Installed them and instantly felt a immediate difference, I really liked them when I went right into third!

Energy Suspension part # 5-1102R.

I found them for 13.99 shipped, took about an hour to install, and was well worth it.

- Tim Klein (teklein)

Document statistics: Last modified on 2008-12-14 14:33:10 by teklein

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