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Door Gauge

If you have run out of room to mount your gauges, try sticking one in the driver's door vent. It is easy to see and not hard to install. This is a picture of the vent support that goes in the door. To get at it, you have to remove the door panel. There are several screws holding the panel in place, including one in the handwell. If you have manual windows, the window crank has to come off too. It is held on with a light C-clip. With the door panel off, you can start removing the black vent ducting that runs to the door vent. It all unscrews. Blocking off the vent hole that supplies air to the door panel is a good idea [just make a small plastic panel and glue it inside the door panel]. When you get the vent holder separated from the door panel, you need to rip out its guts so you can mount the gage in it. Then cut a plastic piece to match the front dimensions of the vent holder. Drill 3 holes so you can screw the plastic piece on to the vent holder.

Don't forget to measure your gauge and cut out a circle for it in the plastic piece before going further. Screw the plastic piece to the vent holder and glue it together from the backside. Then you can paint everything how you want it. Clean the surface with alcohol and use a paint designed to bond with plastic. Several light coats work well.

It is best if you run the wires for the gauge through the rubber boot, with the stock wires. You can use a piece of stiff wire to fish your wires through the boot. This is a picture of the final product installed, it is pretty easy to read and looks cool in the process.

Contributed by Corbin

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