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Disable door chime and light


The way this works is when the door is opened there is a switch that makes contact with the body creating a ground and completing the circuit so with the keys in the ignition and the door open the lights will turn on and the chime will sound. This annoys the hell out of me when I am cleaning the car and listening to music. So I put a switch in to interrupt the ground signal so it never completes the circuit. Now this is all form memory so I hope I get everything... I did this months ago.

What you need:

Two auto switches, I bought then at a local parts store They are single pole single throw switches for those of you who want to use something else. You will also need a length of wire. I used small gauge speaker wire form Radio Shack. Nothing big is needed a very low current is being passed through the wires.

Steps for Installation:

1. Disconnect the battery (Always safe when working with electronics. I have a habit of not doing this, but I don't recommend it)

2. Remove the door sill trim piece, there is a screw at the front that you will need to remove.

3. Pull the rubber trim out up to the top of the window or all the off if you like and pull the rear side plastic away from the side. (You can remove all of this if you like, I didn't because it was more screws to take out. You can just pull it away and have enough room to work)

4. Unscrew the black switch with the rubber boot at the bottom of the door frame and pull it out as far as you can. There are two wires coming from it one red and one orange. One controls the chime and the other the light.

5. When you have the switch out as far as you can you are going to cut both wires.

6. I installed quick disconnects so I can remove my switch tape over the disconnects and no one will be the wiser.

7. If you use speaker wire connect one wire to the switch end and the other wire to the other side, match colors.

8. Do the same with the other wire.

9. Tape over the exposed metal of the quick disconnects or you will get a chime and the lights on since they will touch the body and complete the ground.

10. Run the wires under the carpet to your mounting location. I turned the tray under my stereo into a switch panel.

11. Attach the wires to the switch of each pair one goes to the power pole of the switch and one to the accessory pole.

12. Put everything back together the way you found it, check for extra pieces. Put the keys in the ignition with the door open and flip the switches and listen to the magical chime disappear.

If you want to do the other side there is only one wire to turn on the light, but the basic procedure is the same.

Article by Michael_97RS.


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